Blake Lively Is “Problematic” Now, Guys


L.A. face with an Oakland booty

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Obviously, Sir Mix-A-Lot’s classic “Baby Got Back” is a sacred piece of text tied to the black experience on par with “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” and “Invisible Man”, so naturally, some people are offended that Blake Lively referenced the song that only white people sing to describe herself on Instagram. Take it away, Jezebel article written by a white girl!

Actress Blake Lively added yet another entry to her long list of being passively racist in a recent Instagram post, in which she stated that she has an “L.A. face with an Oakland booty.” The post, which was uploaded on May 17, features a split-screen photo of the actress, with one half showcasing her front, and the other her, well, back. The caption references the Bay Area city of Oakland, which has a traditionally sizable POC population. While Lively’s caption is most likely a nod to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s bar-mitzvah staple “Baby Got Back,” which includes lyrics that match Lively’s caption, it’s still problematic. In the end, it touts a diametrical opposition: that Los Angeles can be equated to elegance and/or beauty (read: whiteness), and that Oakland is its foil (read: blackness).

Jesus. Shut the fuck up. Just shut up. Like, we understand that a black guy wrote this song correct? I assume he wasn’t degrading black women by equating “elegance and/or beauty” to girls in Oakland with big asses. Or was he being racist against LA faces? I guess we’ll never know. In the meantime, and I know this might have a difficult time penetrating your narrative, but not everything a white person says is meant to oppress you. Blake Lively has a hot ass face and a big ass, then used a cultural reference that everybody knows. She’s not holding up an #AllAssesMatter sign. We can also skip the gentrification shit, because if you want to take a trip to Athens or Raleigh, you can see white girls with pretty faces and big asses in their natural habitat. But I understand that wouldn’t make for a good hashtag. 


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