Kaley Cuoco Wants Her Boyfriend Of Two Months To Propose To Her Already

Kaley Cuoco

If you’re wondering why I’m posting this story about Kaley Cuoco, read this. It’ll explain everything. Keep in mind that the boyfriend we’re talking about now isn’t listed on the post you just read from four months ago. It can be hard to keep up. Now here’s this from Star Magazine ( via Cele|bitchy ):

Marry in haste, repent in leisure. It’s a lesson Kaley Cuoco should have learned after she wed her ex-husband Ryan Sweeting after three months of dating. But sources say Cuoco is hoping to become engaged to equestrian Karl Cook just as quickly. During a recent visit to a newsstand in LA, a tipster says Kaley purchased a stack of bridal magazines with a friend. “They flipped through them all, cover to cover, and commented on which dresses looked the best,” dishes the eyewitness, although it wasn’t long before Kaley started gushing about her new man. “She went on and on about how much she loves Karl and confessed that she was hoping for a proposal – and soon.”

From the neck down you could see how a dude would put up with this from Kaley Cuoco (like so), but you won’t even have time to warn all your friends after you break up because she’ll already have fallen in love with at least one them. Then you’ll need to have an awkward conversation with your friend without trying to hurt his feelings by bringing up the word “psychosis” or that she’s another failed engagement away from a jury discussing lethal injection. 

Here’s the dude btw:


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