Bette Midler And Kim Kardashian Are In A Dumb ‘Twitter Feud’

Kim Kardashian posted a naked selfie yesterday, because what else is she gonna do in between giving Kanye his meds and rehearsing new script updates for her reality show, then Bette Midler dropped this:

Where’s the lie? Don’t see it. Then apparently the magic in Kim Kardashian’s mirror stopped long enough for her to check Twitter, and I think Kanye had to ghost write her response since she hilariously overreacted:

The $53M is to cover the cost of Kanye’s debt because he wanted to be a fashion designer who designed futuristic slave clothes.

Haha, get it? Because Midler is old! (Kim Kardashian is 35 with the same number of kids as ex-husbands)

“Didn’t want to bring up” = “couldn’t wait to bring up”

No idea. Don’t really care.

Chloe Grace Moretz retweeted Bette Midler. This seems like a reasonable response I guess if projecting and insecurity are your thing.

I’ll guess we can chalk this up to post-partum depression and having to transfer $53M into your “joint” account because your husband brought millions to a billionaire party. Oh, and having to post old ass, Photoshopped pics since the only thing you’re breaking now is the scale. Hope this was therapeutic.


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