Kris Jenner Can Finally Make Money Off Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian Diabetes

Congrats on the diabetes and welcome to the family, Rob! You make your mom and I so proud! So proud.

Rob Kardashian is getting a sweet offer to change his life for the better in TWO ways — get healthy AND get a job at the same time. Kardashian was sent an offer to be a spokesperson for “Five Hour Diabetic,” which designs specialized meal plans for people with type 2 diabetes. We’re told the company wants to use Rob’s face on social media and advertising campaigns. The deal comes with a sweet $100,000 payday, plus profit sharing … as well as a lifetime membership for meal plans, and medical consultations.

$100K?!  Shit. That would’ve funded the affordable hooker clothes factory for at least 30 years instead of Sears having to burn leopard print evening gowns for insurance money. In-N-Out’s only had bacon for two years, so I feel you might be limiting your business plan’s full growth potential here if you accept this deal. Imagine the check you’d get if you held out for type 4 diabetes? I’m not an agent, but it’s something to think about. 

Here’s Kendall Jenner at the VS Fashion Show. She’ll probably die of something not food related.