David Justice Went Yard On Halle Berry

“You better keep looking straight ahead bitch I will end you.”

Look, we all know Halle Berry is insane. Much like climate change, it really isn’t something you have to debate. She’s been married three times and they all don’t seem to work out because, again, she’s insane. Her first husband, former baseball player David Justice, split from Berry in 1997 because she constantly accused him of cheating.  She then proceeded to take out a restraining order against him. Flash forward 18 years, Justice has been married to CEO Rebecca Villalobos for 15 years and they have three kids. Berry has been married twice since then and has a kid with another. Earlier this month she split from Olivier Martinez (her third husband), then a day later went batshit.  David Justice had something to say something about it on Twitter. And by “say something about it” I mean “damn, son”.  I think this is why Twitter turned the star thing into a heart.


Shit that got deleted:

 Eric Benet, her second husband, also has Twitter.

Remember in X-Men when Halle Berry’s eyes would turn white and stuff and she destroyed everything around her? I don’t think that was special effects.