Paula Patton Signed On The Unblurred Line


Robin: “Hey, hey, hey/You don’t need no papers” Paula: “LOL”


I’m not really a fan of vagina begging music, so I never got into Robin Thicke. He’s had one hit since 2002 and that song was basically about rape. Then he wrote an entire album about a specific vagina and it sold like 12 copies. He’s also getting divorced.

Robin Thicke tried and tried hard to save his marriage, but it didn’t work. TMZ has learned Paula Patton has filed for divorce … and as for the most important asset in the marriage … she wants joint custody. Paula cites the usual … irreconcilable differences. She wants joint legal and physical custody of their 4-year-old son Julian. The divorce was filed in L.A., so there will be no issues over whether Robin may have strayed. It’s irrelevant. We’re also told the divorce is “harmonious,” and there are no real issues that will cause a conflict. Paula says the date of separation was February 21.

Paula Patton is already living with a new dude, so it would be pretty funny if they play Paula while they’re banging. She was way too hot for Robin Thicke anyway, and if I was her, I would have probably filed for divorce after the 2013 MTV VMAs when he was up there like a wigger Beetlejuice grinding on what he thought was an ass. On the brightside, he’s from Canada, so he can go pick up some chicks in either one of the two cities they have there that are worth a shit. I think one of the cities even has a black girl.


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