Iggy Azalea Is Suing Her Ex-BF Over The Sex Tape Thing


As we’ve adequately covered, like many female, white “hip hop artists” before her, Iggy Azalea was fucking for tracks, and one time one of those was recorded onto a computer and now it’s being sold as a sex tape to Vivid most likely by her ex-boyfriend and producer, Hefe Wine. Iggy Azalea is now suing him, because although he was good enough to bang to further her career, he now apparently isn’t good enough to make money off her now that she’s famous. I hope you’re following along.

Iggy Azalea is fighting back at her ex, Maurice Williams aka Hefe Wine, with a lawsuit for infringing copyright and unlawfully promoting yet-to-be released music from her early days as a struggling artist. E! News has obtained the court documents, which claim that Williams used her name, likeness, voice and trademark to promote and distribute her songs without her consent. Williams has announced that he will release an EP by the “Fancy” singer, entitled Inizio, on Sept. 30. This is the same fellow who previously claimed to have a sex tape featuring the star in his possession as well. But back to the matter at hand: According to court docs, Azalea says that the music was stolen off of her computer around 2008 and was never completed nor approved by her for commercial use. She alleges that sometime between April 2008 and January 2009, Williams downloaded the entire contents of her personal computer onto a jump drive without her consent. The lawsuit then alleges that Williams created a forged recording agreement document, with an altered signature, as well as a fake artist management agreement to make it look as if Azalea had a deal set in place with Wine Enterprises, Inc. She claims that the document is a modified version of an old artist agreement she had signed and that her early music should not be released without her approval. Azalea is suing for compensatory damages, plus interest at the legal rate (for any profits on the infringements) and statutory damages for each copyright infringement.

Man, lots of stuff happening in the blockquote. Lots of legal stuff and what have you. Although none of it really matters, because once Iggy and her PR team make sure that everyone believes she’s the victim, they’ll quietly settle out of court and Iggy will sign a deal with Vivid for her cut of the profits Vivid makes for each download. But off topic real quick, I didn’t know Iggy’s ass was that big. Why didn’t anybody tell me about this? Hefe Wine is black, so I guess I should have just assumed. He was either going to be black or a frontier settler that has time traveled into the future.


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