Kate Upton Will Sell You Sunglasses When Somebody Dies


Proving once again that she will literally do anything to get a residual check (seriously, anything), Kate Upton and Modelinia thought Lou Reed's death would be a great time to tell you about the sylish look of Ray-Bans. Man, they were so excited to pimp Ray-Bans that they had to cut Lou Reed's feigned eulogy short ("So sad hear about the death of #loureed"). That "to" would have just taken up way too many characters I guess because RAY-BANS. I was going to give Kate a pass but then she retweeted it, but in her defense, she's Kate Upton. She probably thinks Lou Reed is a guy named Ray Ban's grandpa.



Anyway, take it away, Lou:



Lou, can I kick it? Why, yes you can:



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