Scientology Is Still Spying On Katie Holmes

Since Scientology is a religion found by a drug-addicted, science fiction writer who thinks all your bad thoughts are caused by ghosts from a spaceship,  you don't have to take a huge leap to figure out that all Scientologists are batshit. I know what you're thinking, Christians. But you should really sit this one out because, well, dinosaurs and the whole God is a pissy queen who isn't above genocide if you don't love him thing. Anyway, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorced over a year ago, but Scientology is still tracking her every move. Cool. Daily Mail reports:

A list star Katie Holmes' security guards are on the look out for Scientologists who may be watching her a year after her divorce from Tom Cruise, photographers have revealed. Photographers on the set of Katie's latest film Miss Meadows in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday morning were approached by a plain-clothed guard, who then asked if they had been dispatched by the controversial church. The guard allegedly said the actress's security detail had been told to 'keep our eyes open for anything suspicious and to report it', according to one photographer. Once reassured of the photographers’ credentials, Katie's six-strong security team appeared to relax and the star chose to walk the short distance from base camp to movie set, abandoning her usual routine of being driven there in a heavily blacked out SUV.

Hey remember when Katie and Tom first split and suspicious looking vehichles were following her around everywhere? Yeah, that was Scientology. Chill, bro. She's just not that into you. Shouldn't you be following Jayden Smith or something? He's dating a Kardashian. You don't want to be associated with that kind of thing do you? It might ruin your reputation.



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