Jennifer Lawrence Really Loves Weed, Possible Lesbian


Jennifer Lawrence has been everywhere lately. Winning Oscars, on talk shows, on the big screen, in Hawaii wearing sweatpants and hugging a girl then smoking weed and drinking wine and hugging the same girl again. Daily Mail reports:

Jennifer Lawrence has been seen on holiday in Hawaii enjoying a suspicious rolled up cigarette. In revealing pictures the newly anointed Oscar-winning actress is seen clasping a fat roll up in her fingers and a bottle of wine. And in other pictures that have emerged the 22-year-old can clearly be seen taking a draw on the roll up. It’s not clear if she was indeed smoking marijuana – but the actress is not known to be a smoker – and if the young starlet does have a penchant for the weed, it may explain her propensity for stumbling. Jennifer, 22, is in Hawaii with a female friend who she was seen hugging as they sat on the balcony together. The Hunger Games star wrapped herself up in a grey blanket, over a grey T-shirt and sweat pants.

This, of course, will make women love Jennifer Lawrence more because, she’s “real”. And she doesn’t seem “fake”. And she’s not “super skinny”. And she “looks just as horrific as I do without makeup on” (no, really). And she “likes wine” and “I like wine, too”. And “I hate Anne Hathaway”.