Lindsay Might Be Opening A Mexican Restaurant In NYC

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If you just bought a space in Tribeca and are looking to opening a “high-end Mexican restaurant”, of course the first person you would call for advice is Lindsay Lohan, because that makes as much sense as opening a high-end Mexican restaurant. They serve the Modelo in champage flutes? I don’t get it. Tribeca Citizen says:

I imagine this sounds like I’m making stuff up just to get traffic, and I honestly don’t post every rumor I hear (although sometimes I’d like to) but I’ve now heard from someone else who saw Lindsay Lohan giving advice at 39 N. Moore. What’s more, the word is that the plans are for a “high-end Mexican restaurant.” Lohan may not be officially involved, but she has allegedly been there twice. (Also, does anyone else think there will come a day when people decide she’s totally badass?)…

Now, for damage control:

Representatives for the owner of the space contacted me to set the record straight. They said that a high-end Mexican restaurant is indeed interested in the space, but no deal is done yet….And they said the restaurateurs have absolutely no contact with Lindsay Lohan: “They don’t even know her.”

So, Lindsay has been there twice, but nobody knows her and no deal is done yet? Somebody better do a copper tubing count.

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[h/t Gawker]