Kate Upton Is A Good Dancer

It’s always weird when hot white girls think they can dance, because most times they suck but you have to make a big deal about it like they’re a puppy peeing on a training pad for the first time. And if you’re their black friend, I assume it’s more awkward. That being said, Kate Upton has been everywhere this past year, and it’s all culminated with a Photoshop artist’s rendition of her on the cover of the 2012 SI Swimsuit issue (seriously, what is this about?). But don’t feel bad for her. She’ll follow the model handbook and be in a bikini in magazines and movies for about three more years then she’ll marry an entrepreneur(*) and spit out a kid by 2016. Anyway, here’s her tits bouncing this morning. Yay! Bouncing titties!

(*) = billionaire trust fund baby from Beverly Hills who starts a bunch of businesses that fail immediately because he can’t just throw away money on her all the time.


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