Kim Kardashian Wants A Private Divorce

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Kim Kardashian doesn’t want her divorce televised. Radar Online says:

Kim Kardashian has instructed her high powered divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, to formally petition that her divorce from her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries, be heard by a private mediator and doesn’t want it to play out in public or on camera, is exclusively reporting. … Kris wants a judge to throw out the pre-nup the couple signed so he won’t be muzzled by the confidentiality clause of the agreement, and he is willing to go to trial to get what he wants. “A public trial is the last thing that Kim wants, and she has instructed her lawyer to formally petition the court so that the divorce can be heard by a mediator, which is routinely done in California, since it’s a no-fault state,” a source close to the situation tells “Kim doesn’t want a long drawn out trial. She wants the mediation to be private, confidential, and legally binding. She and Kris have no assets together and kept separate bank accounts, so this is a fairly routine divorce proceeding. Kim just wants this over and done with.”

Seriously? Fuck her. She publicizes her entire life and shows up to milkshake shop openings in the Middle East for attention, but now she wants privacy? The only reason Kim Kardashian doesn’t want a trial televised is that she may not have complete editorial control over it. It’d probably be tough to rent out a courtroom and get everyone to show up again in a few months for re-shoots to make her look sympathetic. Plus, she’s clearly not good at pretending to cry since she can’t really move her face.


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