Taylor Swift Is Sad But Not About A Gay Guy This Time

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Taylor Swift got dumped again, but this time it wasn’t by a guy she was bearding for. Us Weekly reports:

Les Miserables will be sans Taylor Swift. The country singer will not be playing the coveted role of Eponine in the upcoming film adaptation of the blockbuster Broadway/West End musical after all. Although the “Speak Now” crooner, 22, was in talks for the part, the tragic heroine who sings “On My Own” will be Samantha Barks, a musical theater veteran who did the honors in a 25th anniversary concert for the show.

The move makes sense when you consider that the cast is said to need to sing live in the film, but still. Seeing as she’s one of the top selling “artists” today and a box office draw for the demographic with the most disposable income, exactly how badly did Taylor Swift have to do in her audition to get the directors to nix her? I can’t wait to hear the song she writes about how hard her life is after this, and how Hollywood is full of mean people, just like the high school she never actually went to. And how all the boys she pretended to date to drum up publicity for their projects broke her heart, how Jennifer Aniston cheers her up and gives her hope. And how life isn’t always a fairy tale, and how she forgives Kanye West, and how bullying is wrong even though she uses “gay” as an insult in one of her songs, and how she’s just so precocious even though she’s 22. Oh, and about cats. Or about Cats. That may be a better fit for her.


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