Kristin Cavallari Got Pregnant On “Accident”

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Ok, just one picture. I’m on my way to buy Vanessa Bryant’s book!”

If you were under the impression yesterday that Kristin Cavallari hatched a diabolical scheme to get pregnant on purpose so Jay Cutler would be on the hook for the next 18 years and allow her instant access to his millions, shame on you. It was totes an accident, you guys! TMZ reports:

If you were surprised to hear Kristin Cavallari was pregnant with Jay Cutler’s baby, you’re not the only one — the couple themselves were shocked by the news … TMZ has learned. Jay and Kristin announced yesterday they were with child — following a crazy few months where they broke off their engagement, only to announce it was back on. Sources close to the couple tell TMZ, K&Jay had discussed the possibility of kids — but planned to start cranking ’em out in a few years … not any time soon. But shocking as it was, we’re told they’re thrilled with the news … renewing their commitment more than ever to making their relationship work. If Jay wasn’t locked down before, he sure is now.

They had planned to have kids in the future then he dumped her then when they got back together she immediately got pregnant? Of course! That sounds exactly like an accident and not a perfectly planned and executed scheme, because science tells us all the time that women get pregnant on accident all the time. I bet she slipped in the shower and fell into his semen. Or they were going for a hike and the wind blew so hard that it caused him to ejaculate inside her without a condom. Don’t be so quick to judge. Things like this happen all the time. Do some research.