Lindsay Has $1.4M In Legal Fees Since 2007

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Hey, remember when Lindsay Lohan got paid $1M to pose in Playboy then immediately went to Hawaii to pose in a bikini for ten grand? Yeah, she’s still about $390K short. Oops.

January 2007–Wonderland Rehab: $58,000

May 2007–1st DUI Arrest: $30,000 for bail

May 2007–Promises Rehab: $54,500

July 2007–2nd DUI Arrest: $25,000 for bail

October 2007–Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah: $60,000 (2 months at $30,000 a month

May 2010–Failure to appear in court: $100,000 for bail

June 9, 2010–Violated probation: $200,000 for bail

August 2010–UCLA Rehab bill: $130,000

September 25, 2010–Violated probation; failed drug test: $300,000 for bail

November 2010-January 2011–Betty Ford rehab bill: $150,000

February 9, 2011–Felony Grand Theft: $20,000 for bail, $20,000 for violating parole

Just to illustrate how big of a fuck up Lindsay is, I could set a kindergarten on fire on my way to robbing a bank and decapitating the hostages, and I still wouldn’t need $1.4M to get legal representation. Mostly because I’d probably be in Mexico immediately after that. Or Durham. It would be cheaper just to pay off the police there.


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