Oh Shut The Hell Up

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Lady Gaga was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta to an internet entrepreneur and lived a life of opulence in Manhattan’s affluent Upper West Side. Her daddy’s money allowed her to attend the private all-girls Roman Catholic school, Convent of the Sacred Heart, in Manhattan (again) before she was accepted to the prestigious Collaborative Arts Project 21 at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. So of course she knows all about being bullied and feeling like a freak who doesn’t belong. Oh no wait I meant her entire image and persona is a fabrication to pander to the only people who like her music. And apparently she needs to call a brainstorming session with her record label and manager, because obviously she’s run out of shit to talk about to make her sound “shocking”. Mirror UK reports:

Speaking about her upbringing, she said: “My parents’ room and the one I shared with my sister were on the top floor. There are no doors on the bedrooms. “My parents could hear everything me and my sister said growing up. And I heard them too.” She added: “I love being with my parents, but I also really fear domestication. I just don’t have a home. I stay between my friends’ places and my parents’.”

OMG! She heard her parents having sex! Can you even believe it?! Maybe in her next interview she’ll tell us about the time she heard her parents arguing over bills or what happens when you land on Free Parking or whatever else everybody in the fucking world has heard, you annoying pretentious bitch.


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