Taylor Swift Raised $750K For Tornado Victims

When most America-hating celebrities in linen capris pause long enough from praying to crystals and eating caviar out of hollowed out eagle heads to watch the news, they immediately jump on any issue or disaster that will make them sound like an actual human being or benefit them the most. With the exception of Hurricane Katrina, which was more about hating George Bush than actually helping people, celebrities are quick to tell you to text something to Red Cross or flying in a camera crew to film them walking through the rubble like Jesus if a disaster hits in another country like Haiti or Japan. But when devastation rips through the South and the Midwest in the form of monstrous tornadoes, they have a hard time reconciling their feelings for the people they fly over from NYC to LA. You know, because Darfur sounds way better than Joplin, Missouri. To everyone except Taylor Swift. OK! Magazine reports:

Taylor told Access Hollywood about a rehearsal benefit show to drum up money for victims who were impacted by the recent wrath of Mother Nature. “It was so wonderful,” she said. “It was almost like playing our first show because were playing for 13,000 people and it’s the whole show the way we would do the last dress rehearsal and I’m just so excited that we got to raise $750,000 dollars for the victims of the tornadoes.” Right on the heels of earning Billboard Awards for the Top Country Artist, Top Country Album and Top Billboard 200 Artist, Taylor was most touched by the kindness of her fans. “It was such a wonderful night and I’ll never forget it — the fact that that many people on last minute’s notice wanted to come out and pay for their tickets and donate that money to them.”

Say what you want about Taylor Swift, but she didn’t go to these places with a red plastic cup, a rowboat, and no understanding of real life outside her gated walls like this asshole, she raised money and sent it directly to those who needed it. I wouldn’t want to be in one of her songs or even listen to one of her songs, but where are all the people demanding aid to Haiti and Japan even after Japan told us to fuck off and mind our own business? They heard “tornado” and “Midwest” and thought everybody in Missouri would be okay because all they’d have to do is click the heels of their ruby slippers together three times.


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