The Freemasons Are Stalking Lindsay And Trying To Kill Her

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Less than 12 hours after Radar Online reported she was a drunk mess at a club in Hollywood this weekend, Lindsay Lohan reveals that she’s been stalked for four years by a lunatic who wants to kill her and now she wants the police to help. Oh, Lindsay. I see what you did there. TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan claims she has footage and text messages proving she’s being stalked by a person who has been “threatening to kill” her … and she’s now going to the cops for help. Lilo went on Twitter today and posted a photo of the man allegedly posing the threat — saying, “This is the freemason stalker that has been threatening to kill me- while he is TRESPASSING! I’m actually scared now.” She continued, “all my fans, my supporters, please stand by me. g-d bless xxL.” We’re told LiLo believes the man has been obsessed with her for nearly 4 years … frequently dropping by her home and leaving weird gifts for the actress. We’re also told he’s been sending her “insane” text messages for the past few years. Sources tell us Lindsay does not know the identity of the alleged stalker — but she wants the cops to help keep the mystery man away ASAP.

TMZ appears to be on the payroll now, but more to the point, Lindsay claims to not know the identity of her dealerstalker, yet she knows he’s a Freemason and he’s had her number for four years. I don’t know, change your fucking number? Stop watching From Hell after you did twenty rails? Nobody is stalking you, you stupid bitch. A Freemason can’t afford that many cover charges much less the $15 well drinks.


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