Oh, I See How It Is

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I just posted today that Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli broke up, and now I find out that he’s already trying to spread Ashley Greene‘s legs apart and yell he’s the king of the world. Ashley, you dirty, dirty whore. Celebuzz reports:

Newly single Leonardo DiCaprio had a boys night out in Hollywood Wednesday. He, along with Lukas Haas and Emile Hirsch went to Beacher’s Madhouse at The Roosevelt Hotel where he met another famous face. Sources at the club confirm to Celebuzz he was introduced by friends to Twilight hottie Ashley Greene! New couple alert? Not quite yet. “They talked for a couple minutes, it was nothing too serious,” an eyewitness says of the encounter. “They were both smiling and seemed happy to meet each other though.

A boys night out with Lukas Haas and Emile Hirsch, huh? It’s safe to say I like my chances with that lineup. Then that will leave just me and Leonardo. Face to face. Straight up and down don’t even bother. I got forty niggas up in here now who kill niggas fathers.


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