Someone Smells A Lawsuit

Britney Spears is getting sued. TMZ reports:

Britney Spears allegedly defrauded a company that hooked her up with Elizabeth Arden in a deal that made Britney a fortune … this according to a $10 million lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

Brand Sense Partners, LLC claims it had a deal with Brit in which the company would get 35% of Britney’s profits in return for securing a perfume contract with Elizabeth Arden.

According to the suit obtained by TMZ, Britney and her dad defrauded Brand Sense by entering into a secret deal with Elizabeth Arden, allegedly robbing Brand Sense of millions in the marketing of her perfume, Radiance.

The suit claims Brand Sense caught Jamie “red-handed” in circumventing their deal.

The lawsuit seeks more than $10 million in damages.

I’m glad that the lawsuit claims that Jamie Spears is responsible for this instead of Britney, who can’t be held responsible to tie her own shoes. I don’t know why they’d want any part of Britney’s perfumes to begin with. They’re cheap, tacky, and smell a lot like what the banner picture suggests: gas, grease, and a touch of gutter.

Images from WENN.


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