Ryan Phillippe Wants To Go On Maury

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With the possibility that he got the hot piece of ass in the banner pic pregnant, Ryan Phillippe wants to submit to a DNA test to make sure he doesn’t have to write a check for the next 18 years. TMZ reports:

We’re told Ryan will not submit to the DNA test until the baby is born. There are prenatal paternity tests, but there’s a slight risk of miscarriage and Ryan does not want to take the chance. Our sources say Ryan will step up and provide support for Alexis Knapp’s unborn baby, provided it is indeed his. Although there are reports Ryan and Alexis were boyfriend/girlfriend, we’re told that was never the case. They had dated for a while but it was never serious. The baby is due in June.

His current girlfriend’s eyes look like goggles, yet he wants scientific proof that he got this chick pregnant. To reiterate, look at the banner picture. Even if the baby wasn’t mine, I’d take it to a tanning bed and pay the doctor to say it had smallpox. From a blanket. Because I’m Native American, you see. And if I said that then peop…oh, nevermind!


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