Lindsay Lohan Is A Felon

No shit. TMZ reports:

TMZ broke the story … Lindsay will be charged with felony grand theft as early as today.

An LAPD source tells TMZ … no decision has been made on whether an arrest warrant will be issued — which would then allow cops to find Lindsay, put her in cuffs, and walk her into the station in front of a gaggle of reporters.

There are other options. Authorities could make arrangements for Lindsay to voluntarily surrender at a location and in a manner that would avoid the cameras.

And there’s another possibility … The D.A. could allow Lindsay to surrender in court, at her arraignment.

Say what you want about Lindsay Lohan, but you have to give her credit: She’s smart enough to only get caught committing crimes in LA. If this bitch had half of her rap sheet and rolled a stop sign anywhere on the east coast, she’d already be hurled into a volcano.


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