Born This Way Is “Racist, Simplistic, Condescending Garbage”

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Perez Hilton has told anyone and everyone who will listen on Twitter and the site others write for him, that Lady Gaga‘s new single, Born This Way, will change the face of music and be a seminal work of art adored for centuries. Keep that in mind while you read the lyrics:

No matter gay, straight or bi

Lesbian, transgendered life

I`m on the right track, baby

I was born to survive

No matter black, white or beige

Chola or orient made

I`m on the right track, baby

I was born to be brave”

Apparently, Robert Paul Reyes, a liberal Latino belonging to a demographic Lady Gaga comically believes worships her, doesn’t deep throat as well as Perez Hilton. In fact, he doesn’t deep throat at all.

“Pop icon Lady Gaga can’t seem to catch a break with her recently released song “Born This Way”. First she was accused of sounding too much like Christina Aguilera’s in Beautiful and then of borrowing the idea and lyrics from Carl Bean’s Born this Way and now some Arizona Latino groups are chiming in with their opinion.

Organizations like Chicanos Unidos Arizona and MEChA do not like Lady Gaga’s use of the words Chola and Orient in her lyrics, viewing both as being racist and derogatory. The word chola according to the critics refers to Latina girls in gangs, Latinas from the barrio who have a certain look about them and conjure very negative stereotypes.”

But just because a song has life-affirming lyrics it doesn’t necessarily means it’s a great work of art. Lady Gaga’s new single has no subtlety or nuance, it sounds like something that a beauty queen who yearns for world peace would write.

Are Latinos supposed to be grateful that a white superstar, born of privilege, included a racist shout out to our community? Not all Latino ladies are “cholas” in the barrio, some of them are teachers, writers, engineers and nurses and doctors.

Don`t waste your hard-earned money downloading “Born This Way”, if you want to hear a great song with great lyrics give Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” a spin.

Lady Gaga should apologize to Hispanics, Christina Aguilera, Carl Bean and pop music fans for her execrable song, and she should immediately pull her song from the market.

“Born This Way” makes Debby Boone`s “You Light Up My Life” seem like the greatest song in the history of pop music.

When you click on the link to this article, there isn’t a audio clip of the Mortal Kombat guy screaming, “FLAWLESS VICTORY!”. And that’s a shame. Because I was fully expecting to hear that after I read this.


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