Jaime Pressly Got A DUI

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She’s from Kinston, NC, what do you want from her? TMZ reports:

The “My Name Is Earl” star was driving in Santa Monica at around 11 PM when she was stopped. We’re told cops took notice of her vehicle after she allegedly committed a traffic violation. A field sobriety test was performed and Jaime was arrested and booked on suspicion of DUI. She was taken to the Santa Monica jail and held on $15,000 bail…Law enforcement sources tell TMZ there were no drugs in Jaime’s car. We’re also told no children were in the car. And, we know, there was no car accident.

Her bail was set at $15,000 instead of the usual $5,000, so that means that she blew over .15. Meaning, chick was Intervention drunk. But I think the police are really missing the point here. I think finding Jaime Pressly sloppy and incoherent with no chance of remembering what happened the next morning would be a good thing. But maybe I’m more of a gentleman than the Santa Monica P.D.


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