The Girl Who Filmed This Was Best Friends With Demi Lovato

Oh, snap! RadarOnline reports:

Anna Oliver, the girl who allegedly taped the video of Miley Cyrus smoking out of a bong, was also best friends with another troubled teen star. has learned that Oliver and Demi Lovato were very close friends, even going to church together. In March 2010, Oliver and Lovato- along with Joe Jonas- were photographed going to church together in Los Angeles. The two girls spent a lot of time with one another in the spring and Lovato posted plenty of photos of her and Oliver, calling each other “BFF”s. In February 2010, the pals hit Disneyland with a group and also posted plenty of hilarious, silly photos of them playing around with fake mustaches.

This chick has pretty much gone into hiding because of death threats (yes, death threats). And that’s a shame. Because what we know about her so far is that she likes to smoke weed and do blow with hot teenage girls. Wait, have I gone back in time as woman? No, they can’t be right. I’ve seen Back To The Future, you can’t just go b…no, no….what day is it?! What year?!


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