Beyonce Was Banned

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The commercial for Beyonce‘s new perfume, Heat, has been banned on daytime British television after it was deemed ‘too sexually provocative’. But did it have two backup dancers doing the same dance moves a Beyonce? That’s the real question. The Daily Mail reports:

The Advertising Standards Authority investigated the advert – which appeared on ITV and Channel 4 as well as music channels – after it receiving 14 viewer complaints. Manufacturers of the perfume claimed the commercial was in tune with her ‘sexy chic’ imagery and not in any way indecent. It argued that the imagery was less overtly sexual than what is routinely seen in music videos, particularly those featuring U.S. rappers and bikini-clad girls.

The manufacturers have a point. Why wouldn’t British kids want to see a horny black chick and her lace front wig fucking a wall to sell perfume? Marketing research shows that British children make up 80% of the world’s perfume sales.


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