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Because a month is plenty of time to get over years of drug addiction, Lindsay Lohan has been whining for a “work pass” (which she just got), so she can start having meetings in Hollywood. I guess Hollywood is a big hotbed for Amway now, because I have no idea what kind of meetings she expects to get. But she expects us to believe that she is completely cured and won’t jump on a bag of blow like that thing from Aliens, because she just had dental surgery and is refusing medicine. Did you hear that everyone?! Did you hear that paparazzi guy who was called to photograph Michael Lohan‘s visit with Lindsay where he perfectly timed this picture? Look at the loving concerned he’s never showed until now! You hear that Hollywood producers?! She has a relationship with her father now AND isn’t doing drugs!! (see how that works?) Radar Online reports:

Photos surfaced on Thursday of Michael Lohan peering inside Lindsay’s mouth and it’s because the actress had dental surgery and is refusing to take painkillers, is reporting exclusively. “Lindsay had tooth surgery this week,” a source close to the situation told “She had teeth removed and won’t even take any painkillers for the pain.” According to the insider, Lindsay is so dedicated to the rehabilitation of her substance abuse problems she’s doing everything she can to stay on track – quite a difference from just 5 months ago when the starlet had her wisdom teeth removed and took the powerful painkiller Dilaudid to deal with the pain.

So basically, Lindsay thinks she’s been in rehab long enough, so she’s trying anything and everything to get out. It’s like when I go to Kohl’s, but with way more trips to Starbucks and way less people catering to my every demand.


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