Lindsay Is Trying To End Her Probation Early

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Because Andrea Yates would have her own talk show right now if she was tried by the California justice system, Lindsay Lohan‘s “team” is trying to get Judge Fox to reduce or terminate Lindsay’s probation. Why you may ask? Please try to wrap your mind around this reasoning. I dare you. RadarOnline reports:

The longer Lindsay stays on probation, the increased chances that she will get in trouble because of problems staying compliant with the terms of her probation. The only person that can modify terms of Lindsay’s probation, or terminate it early, is Judge Elden Fox,” a source with knowledge of the situation told exclusively...The source stressed that Lohan is ready to do “anything that Judge Fox feels is necessary. It’s his call, but there is a strong push being made for Lindsay’s probation to terminate early.” Most of Lohan’s legal woes have arisen because of issues with complying to the terms of her probation. “It’s important to remember that Lindsay is on probation for misdemeanor charges relating to her two DUI’s back in 2007,” the insider added.

Really? No, really. Are you fucking kidding me? So since Lindsay can’t be trusted not to suck up an 8-ball like a freckled Dyson as soon as she steps foot out of rehab and violate her probation, let’s just go ahead and end her probation. Yeah, that makes sense. I’m sure Judge Fox will go for it. Just like I can’t wait to read Les Miles’ new book on clock management. With his with tested and proven time-saving methods, I’ll be stress free in no time!


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