It’s Gonna Take More Than That

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Lady Gaga, who claimed that she wants “the best body in showbiz”, is now only eating baby food. MTV UK reports:

According to heat magazine, GaGa’s dramatic weight loss was due to the singer allegedly living off baby food, causing friends to fear for her health as the singer battled on through gruelling live performances on little energy. A friend told the gossip mag: “Everyone is really worried about GaGa. She’s not eating healthily at all. She’s substituting meals for jars of baby food.” Lady G, who recently claimed she wants the best body in showbiz was said to have stated that the diet is doing wonders for her body but pals of the Telephone singer were debating intervening in the singers eating habits if she continued eating baby food.

Lady Gaga might have the best body in Showbiz Pizza, because you’d have to flip a few hundred pages in the ‘Best Tits In Showbiz” to find these. All of her songs are about how much guys want to fuck her, so if she could eat something that would make her more attractive, that would be great. Carbon monoxide, for example. Many coroners say it gives the face a nice glow.