Katie Price is a Model

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In her first public appearance since she announced she was divorcing her husband Peter Andre, Katie Price took part in a fashion yesterday to promote her clothing line. Um, maybe she should have stayed home. The Daily Mail reports:

The glamour model made her catwalk debut in a white bikini at the Clothes Show Live at London’s ExCel Centre – her first public appearance since the couple’s announcement on May 11. While the mother-of-three declined to discuss her personal life, fans were stunned by her concave stomach and visible rib-cage as she strutted down the catwalk. The model has regularly attracted headlines over the last year with her skinny figure, but it appears she has lost even more weight since the split. Her estranged husband Peter admitted this week he had lost a stone in weight since their relationship broke down.

Eh, she looks the same to me. Maybe because I couldn’t give a shit. I’m just glad she didn’t have to go topless, because her boobs look like they just fought a wolverine. I don’t know what criteria they use to select chicks for a catwalk, because I can assume having a plastic surgeons with hooks for hands may drop you down a few spots on the list.