DJ AM is Suing Now

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On September 18th of last year, DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) and former Blink 182 drummer, Travis Barker were the sole survivors of a Learjet crash in South Carolina that left four people dead. Goldstein and Barker both suffered burns and were listed in critical condition. Somebody apparently has to pay for that. TMZ reports:

The way it breaks down, DJ AM wants at least $10 mil in damages for medical bills, lost earnings and profits and other economic damages. And he wants another $10 mil for mental and physical pain and suffering and other “non-economic losses.”

DJ AM gets points I guess for being the last one to sue the company that booked the jet (Travis Barker and the family of the other victims have already filed lawsuits), but crashing and being burned alive is one of possible scenarios when you decide to travel in a giant floating metal tube filled with gasoline. Sometimes shit goes wrong. That’s why I only travel by winged unicorn or dragon. They have much more reliable landing gear.

DJ AM used to date Mandy Moore: