Jessica Alba Drinks, We Links

Jessica Alba looked like she got TRASHED on New Year’s Eve, probably to see if drunk sex after pregnancy is still awesome. [CityRag]

Instead of suing for divorce, this guy is suing for his kidney. “I want my kidney back” strangely fits in the Chile’s baby-back rib song. [DListed]

Elisha Cuthbert is so hot, why must she tease us with dresses made for 60-year-olds? Next time, no dress would be nice. And much better. [Hollywood Tuna]

Tommy Lee is a douchebag, but his rules for his dressing room do encourage toplessness. We’re having a moral crisis. [Celebslam]

Linda Hogan‘s bare ass: not as gross as the rest of Linda Hogan [Gone-Hollywood]

Patrick Swayze has cancer, but won’t quit smoking. Because no one tells Dalton what to do. [PopCrunch]

Busted-ass celeb of the day? Rumor Willis, who will always look busted. [Just Jared]

Leighton Meester looks good, even when she’s in the 80’s-styled Reebok she’s whoring. [Trendmill]