Jennifer Aniston is Hoping This Works

Jennifer Aniston has been in a bikini and kept a boyfriend for an entire month, and still nobody cares, so what should she do to get people to talk about her? Should she get really desperate and leak a story about her sex life? Star Magazine reports:

New couple Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are making some beautiful music together – in the bedroom! In the new issue of Star, we report on the couple’s superhot sex life that has left Jen floating on cloud nine for the last couple weeks. “She is having the best sex of her life with John,” a source close to the actress tells Star, “and she’s loving every minute of it.” So just what does John do to make Jen think her body is a… wonderland? According to the source, the singer covers her with whipped cream, which he licks off, tickles her with feathers and uses ice cubes to give her goosebumps. “John also likes to keep things interesting with games like role playing, which is new for Jen,” says the source. “She was a little resistant at first, but now you couldn’t wipe the smile off her face if you tried.”

Whipped cream? Feathers? Ice cubes? That certainly doesn’t sound like it would cause bruises and awkward silences. I’m beginning to think that they’re using “sex” as a code word for something else. A dinner party, for example.


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