David Cross and Amber Tamblyn are Doing It

If you don’t think David Cross is funny, you’re dead inside. Sorry. In related news, David Cross is now inside Amber Tamblyn, an actress 19 years younger than him. The New York Post says:

David Cross, 43, arrived at the after-party for Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary, “Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?,” at Pink Elephant Tuesday night with “Joan of Arcadia” star Amber Tamblyn, 24. The two “were definitely together, making out and barely came up for air the whole night,” our spy said.”

Not much to say really except this is why you should kick down your cubicle right now and move to Hollywood and get famous. David Cross looks like he posts on Microsoft message boards, and in an interview once, he said he agreed to do Alvin and The Chipmunks because he was basically broke. His reward? Getting wrist deep in some twenty year old ass. I might be wrong, but I’m thinking your quarterly review isn’t going to be nearly as awesome.

Amber and her nipple:

R.I.P. Arrested Development:


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