Halle Berry Had a Girl

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It seems Halle Berry has been pregnant for the past two years, but turns out it was only for nine months. Now she’s not pregnant at all. Star Magazine says:

Halle Berry had a 7lb 4 oz girl at 10:17am Sunday morning, March 16, at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. The actress had checked into the hospital for the second time that day after feeling contractions earlier Saturday morning … Halle was overcome with emotion when she finally held her little girl. She said everything she had gone through was worth that moment. The tears kept coming as Halle didn’t even want the nurses to take her baby to clean her up and measure. It was a truly beautiful scene.”

Congratulations, a girl. A girl whose parents are Halle Berry and this dude. Man, I hope it all works out for her. I know it’s going to be tough being picked on in school and having to work twice as hard to achieve her goals because of how ugly she’s gonna be. In fact, they might even have to home school her.