Hollywood Stars are Political

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Imagine who they want you to vote for! You’ll never believe it!:

Jessica Alba took a musical stand for Barack Obama today, with an appearance in Will.I.Am’s new video We Are One. The just-released black-and-white pro-Obama project also features Ryan Philippe, John Leguizamo, singer Macy Gray, actor/rapper Tyrese, Ugly Betty’s Eric Mabius, Fantastic Four’s Kerry Washington, Everyone Hates Chris’ Tichina Arnold, comedian George Lopez, Friday Night Lights’ Adrienne Palicki and The Boondocks’ Regina King. In it, mom-to-be Jessica, 26, who’s in her third trimester, says, “I would like to see a cleaner Earth, for my child, who I’m bringing into the world very soon.”

I’m really glad I saw this video. I was struggling to find the right candidate for me, but thanks to the encouragement of a bunch of overpaid high-school dropouts and talking mannequins, I’ve learned that if you chant Obama’s name over and over, something magical will happen! He’s just like Candyman, only lighter!