Jesse Metcalfe Gets Punched By a Little Rapper

Jesse Metcalfe got his pride and the left side of his face caved in outside Boulevard 3 last night by some dude, and now through the magic of the Internet, this mystery man has been revealed! TMZ says:

So now we know who delivered that serious beatdown on Jesse Metcalfe — none other than UK rapper wannabe, Mams Taylor! *crickets* Uh … who? Apparently, Mams is a British guy who supposedly owns real estate over here, but really wants to be a rapper. Our sources tell us he’s “pseudo dating” Taryn Manning, who Jesse was seen talking to just moments before the punch out.”

I can’t think of any scenario where I would fight over Taryn Manning, but hey, whatever. TMZ was kind enough to put the hit in slow motion so you can see Jesse fall back like he was dodging a bullet in The Matrix. Jesse did get back up, but apparently where he learned to fight you’re just supposed to say “yo” and “what the fuck” a lot. I assume he has a black belt in that.

Taryn Manning:


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