Charlize Theron is Kinda Dumb

Charlize Theron is hot, blonde, and has an Oscar. Just don’t ask her to pick out anything on a map. The Daily Mail says:

The blonde Oscar winner talked passionately about visiting Budapest and mentioned the Hungarian capital three times by name in an interview. Except she meant the Turkish city of Istanbul, which she visited with her boyfriend actor Stuart Townsend while the pair “backpacked” around the world. The 32-year-old South African actress said: “We went to Turkey. When we got over there, we rented a car and we drove all the way to Budapest. By the time we got to Budapest it was like the Cannes Film Festival, I’d never seen anything like it.” Miss Theron had actually turned up in the midst of the Istanbul International Film Festival. She described buying Turkish carpets, visiting a Turkish bazaar and the lavish attention she received in “Budapest”.”

If I blame anything, I blame the prejudice in the American educational system. It’s sad that millions of African-Americans, just like Charlize, receive second-rate educations because of poor funding to urban areas. Charlize doesn’t know basic geography, because uppity white schools get the best teachers. I think we should take pause here on MLK day to realize that we must close the gap. We have a lot of healing to do, my friends.


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