Carrie Underwood is Single

Barely a month after announcing to the world what a great guy Chace Crawford was, Carrie Underwood and her new boyfriend have reportedly split. Why? Crawford’s penis allegedly has a fear of commitment.

Page Six

Crawford was seen several weeks ago making out with a blonde who was not Underwood, and he spent Wednesday night at Beatrice Inn locking lips with his co-star, Leighton Meister – and it wasn’t for the show. A rep for “Gossip Girl” didn’t return calls.”

That’s two in a row for Carrie, so she’s probably not feeling that great about herself. Whew. That took long enough. All I have to do now is tell her that her ass looks kinda big and her self-esteem should be good to go. Good to wear the Wonder Woman outfit I bought. Dear diary, commence phase two.

Carrie at “Movies Rock” on December 2nd: