Britney Spears Got Booked Last Night

Britney Spears turned herself in last night to be booked for two misdemeanor charges, hit-and-run and driving without a valid license. Arraignment is scheduled for October 25th and Spears could face up to a year in jail if convicted. People reports:

At around 9:25 this evening, Ms. Spears turned herself in to the Van Nuys Jail for booking,” said LAPD officer Mike Lopez. “This was by court order, which is common for a misdemeanor charge.” A smiling Spears, wearing a short black dress, a black jacket and carrying a white purse, was accompanied by pal Sam Lufti and her lawyer, J. Michael Flanagan, when she surrendered at the jail. The singer, 25, was fingerprinted, photographed and released about an hour later. Officer Lopez says she was neither handcuffed or detained in a holding cell, and described her demeanor as “cooperative.”

Wow, I’m surprised Britney even showed up. That’s normally not her thing. I thought for sure the LAPD would have to pick her dumb ass up. And when they did, I fully expected for them to see Britney in nothing but a robe and a tiara dipping a chicken leg in a pint of ice cream while a naked Vietnamese boy ran around the house lighting firecrackers. “Mmmm, mmmm. Hellooo boys! Ya’ll boys dun come to strip for mama?”