Angelina Jolie Got Fired

Updated. See below…

Although representatives from St. Johns have not confirmed the story, OK! Magazine is reporting that Angelina Jolie has been fired as the face of the women’s clothing line. St. John, whose collection targets conservative business women, is worn by women such as Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton.

Putting celebrities in campaigns is the biggest trend right now, everyone is doing it, but it didn’t work for St. John with Angelina,” a fashion industry insider explains to OK!. “The people that wear St. John just didn’t relate to her.”

Bitter and repressed women have a hard time relating to Angelina Jolie, so I can kinda see why this didn’t work out. That’d be like Superman being the spokesman for Cialis.

Update: Turns out St. John aren’t complete morons after all and have not fired Angelina Jolie as previously reported. As source inside the company tells Us magazine, “Angelina is starring in our current ads and just shot for Spring so she definitely still is our face.” So, basically OK! made all this up. How can they get away with this? First that thing about your sister being a whore and now this.