Halle Berry Gets Death Threats

Due to death threats to her unborn baby, Halle Berry hired security guards to protect her around the clock. Halle was sent anonymous letters which also include racist fueled ramblings. The letters are believed to be from a single individual.

One said she and her child would be “cut into hundreds of pieces”. Halle, 41, who has a white father and an African-American mother, is expecting her first child with white Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. A source close to the actress said: “Halle does not normally use security but she has taken on a couple of guys to make sure.” Police are investigating the threats.”

Maybe somebody should point out to this jackass that Halle Berry is only 50% black and the Gabriel Aubry is 100% white. If my math is right, that makes the baby only 25% black. That’s not even enough to be good at basketball. Or stomping the yard. If he wants to send a letter to somebody so bad, send one to Derek Jeter. He’s half black. He also gave me herpes. Well, he gave Jessica Alba herpes. And well, I won’t get into details because I’m a gentleman.

Note: Halle’s mother is white and her father is black, so the author of the source article is a little backwards. Which means Halle could have been the one making racist the death threats for all we know.