Tom Cruise is Still Insane

Tom Cruise is a lunatic, so it shouldn’t surprise you that he is planning to build a $10 million underground bunker at his Colorado mansion. Why? The same reason any rational person would. To protect themselves from Xenu’s revenge attack on earth. Metro UK reports:

A source close to the Mission Impossible star says the hide-away based at his Colorado mansion in Telluride, is ‘a self-contained underground system where up to 10 people can survive for years.’ The bunker will be installed with ‘a state of the art air purification system’ and has storage space for survival equipment and years worth of supplies. According to internet sources, Scientologist believe the evil deposed galactic ruler ‘Xenu’ is planning an imminent revenge attack on earth.”

Yeah, you remember the homeless guy you saw last week telling a secret to his shoe and brushing teeth with that dead bird? Okay, so imagine him about 2 feet shorter and $100 million richer. Voila! Tom Cruise.