Lindsay Lohan is Addicted to Sex

Although she’s been in rehab for almost two months for her addictions to drugs and alcohol, sources at Cirque Lodge say Lindsay Lohan is also addicted sex. Lohan is said to constantly fantasize about sex and is regularly having “erotic” dreams about her ex-boyfriends. Metro UK reports:

A source told US Star magazine: ‘She’s been having erotic dreams about her former lovers, like Calum Best, Wilmer Valderrama, and Jared Leto.’ ‘Her counsellors are trying to get her to understand that she’s substituting one addiction for another.’ The insider added: ‘Besides the obvious dangers of STDs, having indiscriminate sex can lead to emotional heartbreak, and that can lead to drug and alcohol abuse. If she doesn’t come to grips with this, Lindsay is going to find herself back in rehab-sex addiction.'”

Lindsay’s been in this place not even two months and she’s already been found doing coke and having sex in the bathroom. Jesus, can’t this chick just pick something and stick with it? Does everything have to be addicting? I wish she could find something that could really get inside her head and clear all those problems out. Maybe something like a handgun.

Lindsay with one of her smoking buddies at rehab: