Tommy Lee and Kid Rock Got in a Fight

During Alicia Key’s performance at the VMAs last night, Kid Rock beat Tommy Lee down like a little bitch. MTV reports:

According to eyewitnesses, Lee – sitting at the same table as Diddy – jawed at Rock as he made his way toward the Bad Boy CEO, with whom he was supposed to present the show’s final performance. It wasn’t clear exactly what Lee said to Rock, but apparently after his words, Rock slapped the drummer, according to eyewitnesses. Lee, one eyewitness said, attempted to fight back but, before he was able to land a blow, was punched in the face by Rock…Security quickly detained both men, with Lee being immediately removed from the venue. Rock, with his cigar still in his mouth, was held back momentarily until Lee left and calmly walked out alongside security. “I never hit nobody for nothing before,” Rock was overhead saying in the lobby of the casino. “I told him to shut the fuck- up.”According to a spokesperson for the Las Vegas Police Department, Rock was cited for misdemeanor battery for his assault on Lee. Rock was not detained or taken into police custody but was issued a summons. He’ll need to return to Vegas for a future court date, and if convicted, he faces a $500 fine and up to six months behind bars.”

Although no reason for the altercation has been confirmed, it is widely believed they were fighting over Pamela Anderson.That makes sense because who wouldn’t fight over a used up 40 year old with Hep C? You normally only read about women like Pamela Anderson in stories about glass slippers and fairy godmothers.