Lindsay Lohan Left Rehab to Buy a Beer

An anonymous caller told the Utah 97.1 FM morning show, The Morning Zoo with Frankie & D.B, that they saw Lindsay Lohan at a store buying beer. In case you didn’t know, Lindsay is a patient at the rehab facility, Cirque Lodge. In Utah. OK! magazine says:

According to the caller, Lindsay, 21, and a large, older getleman, possibly a bodyguard, entered a Maverik convenience store in Orem, Utah, last night (Aug. 21) and purchased some Miller Lite. When approached by fans for an autograph, Lindsay’s companion replied, “This is not a good time.” When contacted by OK!, an employee for the Maverik store denied any knowledge of these events. It should also be noted that by Utah law, beer bought in stores is to contain only 3.2% alcohol by volume; significantly lower than the alcohol content elsewhere.”

I wonder if Lindsay bought some single cigarettes or $2 worth of gas while she was there. Or if she ordered off the McDonald’s value menu when she left. You know, because all that goes well with Miller Lite.

Hey, look who went shopping:

It also also should be noted: Isn’t it great that OK! still manages to throw in a defense for Lindsay Lohan after all the shit she’s done? Imagine their delight when Lindsay actually lets them put their lips on her ass!