Carrie Underwood is the Sexiest

Grammy winner Carrie Underwood, whose album, Some Hearts, sold more than any other debut in American Idol history (6 million), has won PETA’s annual title of World’s Sexiest Female Vegetarian:

Results were released Tuesday by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Underwood, 24, a Grammy-winning country singer, won the title in 2005. Eubanks, 49, leader of NBC’s “Tonight Show” band, is a newcomer to the winner’s circle.”

Whoa, slow down. You mean to tell me a successful singer can be talented and hot? No, really? They can sing and care about how they look? I’m so blown away right now, man. I didn’t realize they could do both. In related news, Kelly Clarkson didn’t realize Wendy’s now serves breakfast! Yippeee!

Outtakes from Carrie’s Got Milk? ad:

Carrie doing charity work earlier this month:

Kelly Clarkson not winning a contest with “sexy” in the title:

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