Britney Spears Wants You to Smell Like Her

Apparently Britney still thinks people will buy her crap, because she’s reportedly coming out with a new perfume. Why anyone would want to smell like Britney Spears is for the marketing team to determine, but it looks like the photographers are already having a hard time. Page Six reports:

There was a shoot last week in L.A. for a new perfume she’s coming out with and something happened,” a source says. “She got very upset and stormed out of the shoot and wouldn’t come back. She is not listening to anyone and doing exactly what she wants. But sometimes she doesn’t know best.”

Leave it to Britney to turn a simple photoshoot into a bunch of insanity and drama. She looks like something you have to stab in the brain to kill, but of course she probably demanded that she be the model for the photoshoot. Maybe she threw a hissy fit because the quote the CGI artists gave her was higher than she thought. Or maybe it’s because the burritos didn’t have marshmallow creme like she specifically asked.

Somebody needs to teach Britney how to put on deodorant and comb her extensions:


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