Zach Braff is a Stud

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Scrubs star, Zach Braff, has reportedly been using his sensitive guy image from his movie Garden State to meet women (he also reportedly has a list of actresses he wants to sleep with), but his plan hit a snag in Hollywood when word got around that he was a douchebag. His solution? Move to New York. And be a douchebag. Radar Online reports:

By day, Braff’s usually hanging out at the Washington Square Park dog run, using his terrier, Roscoe, as babe bait; by night, he’s haunting bars like the Beatrice Inn, deploying pickup lines such as “You have a nice bottom” and “You have a hot bod.” (To ensure a steady stream of nubiles at such excursions, Braff often deputizes a friend of his, a local plastic surgeon, and instructs him to “line up some 9s and 10s for us.”)…One young lass, out with friends recently, watched in shock as Braff told her companion, “You have nice breasts.” To ward off his advances, the girl claimed she was seeing someone; Braff immediately turned his attentions to another member of her party…”You’d be hard-pressed to find a celebrity who gets into ladies’ skirts simply by being a celebrity,” says the source. “He’s the perfect combination of narcissistic and insecure.”

Wow, with up to date pickup lines like that, it’s no wonder why this guy gets all the ladies. Especially after he takes them for a malt or to the drive in picture show after the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. They’re like putty in his hands!

Zach Braff’s sometimes hot ex-girlfriend, Mandy Moore: